The  Conditions of Sale of the Real Estate of ________________  made on the premises in _______________        (Township),______________(Road),_____________(City) , PA ,___________(County) by Public Sale or Auction  this,_____ Day of 200__ ,  are as follows  to wit:
 FIRST:   The real estate to be sold consists of a tract  of land, with improvements thereon erected, as  described and set forth in the description attached hereto. Any survey of the property desired by the  Buyer shall be at  Buyer’s expense.
SECOND:  The  Seller reserves the right to reject any and all bids.
THIRD:   The highest bidder shall be declared to be the Purchaser subject to the right of the seller to disapprove any and all bids.

FOURTH:   All taxes assessed for the year 200  and prior thereto will be paid by the Seller.  All taxes assessed for the year 200  will be prorated between Seller and Buyer on a fiscal/calendar year basis.

FIFTH:  The Seller shall convey the title in fee simple by deed bearing a special warranty. The property is to be conveyed free  and clear of all liens, encumbrances, easements, & mortgages, excepting, however, the  following:  Existing building restrictions, ordinances, easements of roads, privileges, or rights of any public service to the premises or agreements or like matters of record, and easements, or restrictions visible upon the  ground, otherwise, title to the described real estate shall be good and marketable.

SIXTH:   Buyer shall pay ten (10%) percent of the purchase price to the Seller at the time the property is struck down. Payment shall be either in cash or approved check.
SEVENTH:   Settlement shall be held on or before ______  Days  of the signing of this agreement. At final settlement the remainder of the  purchase price  shall  be due and payable. Time is of the essence.

EIGHTH:   Possession of the premises will be delivered to the Buyer at Settlement
NINTH:    Seller and Buyer shall each pay one-half  of any applicable realty transfer taxes.

TENTH:    The deed is to be drawn and executed at the expense of the Seller.

ELEVENTH:   The property being sold is subject to all applicable Federal, State, and Local laws, statutes, ordinances, rules and regulations. Seller certifies that no notice has been served by any  governmental authority for the removal or abatement of any nuisance, for the violation of any zoning regulation, or concerning the  condemnation of any portion of the said property.
TWELFTH:   Risk of loss or damage to the property shall pass to Buyer when the property if struck down by the auctioneer. Subsequent  loss or damage to the property shall  not relieve the Buyer from their  obligation to purchase the property. Seller will keep property insured till time of settlement.

THIRTEENTH:    The property is being sold  “AS IS”. Seller makes  no representations or warranties concerning the property to be sold. It is understood that Buyer had the right to inspect the property prior to sale and either has inspected the property or waives the right  to do so. Buyer agrees to purchase the property as a result of such inspection or the waiver of the right of same and  not because of or in reliance upon any representation or warranty made  by Seller and Buyer agrees to purchase the property in its present condition.

FOURTEENTH:    If the  Buyer fails to comply with the above terms,  Buyer shall forfeit the amount paid, on the date of sale, as assessed and liquidated damages, and the seller may proceed to make a resale of the premises, either at public or private sale.

FIFTEENTH:    Buyer hereby acknowledges receipt of these Conditions of Sale, the acceptance attached hereto and the description of the  property attached hereto.

SIXTEENTH:      All personal property  located on premises is reserved.

BUYER:  _____________________________   SELLER:    ______________________________

                _____________________________                     ______________________________


        I  (We) acknowledge that I (We) have become the Buyer of the above named real estate, at the price at $_________________ , subject to the above conditions, which I (We) agree to comply with.

WITNESS my (OUR) hand this ______________  Day of  _____________



BUYER:   ______________________    SELLER:  _______________________

                ______________________                     _______________________

ADDRESS  ____________________                      _______________________                                               .    

ATTORNEY   _________________________ 

PHONE   _______________

BUYER’S ATTORNEY:  ______________________

RECEIVED 10% DEPOSITED OF $ _________________   IN   ________________      

WITNESS:  _______________________