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Real  Estate Auctions:

     Rentzelís can sell your real estate : from townhouses in the city, farms, vacant land, small homes in the country or city, to mansions on the hill. No matter the type of real estate, we will find a way to properly market and sell your property.

     When you choose to sell at auction, your property is sold in its ďas isĒ condition. A sellerís disclosure statement must be completed when selling real estate at auction with the exception of estates and most Power of Attorney properties.

     There are two ways to sell real estate at auction; Absolute Auction (when the property sells regardless of price) and Auction with Reserve (property is sold subject to sellerís approval). We will help you choose which way is right for you.

     It will take approximately three to four months to list your property, sell it at auction, and have your money at final settlement. To start the auction process, we will meet with you to look at your property, explain our marketing strategy which includes signs, newspaper advertising, flyers, mailing lists, internet advertising etc. We will also discuss the commission we charge and the advertising costs. Once you decide to put your real estate up for Public Auction, we will show your property to perspective buyers by way of open houses and private showings made by appointment.

     When you sell at auction, you create a wide audience of people to look at your property, getting you the highest dollar possible for your real estate.

     In 2012 we put up 41 pieces of Real Estate, selling 85% of them.
Let us come out and see what we can do for you. Contact us at 717-577-1886 and ask for Dave. We would be glad to help.

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Auctions  at  Your  Residence:

     No matter what you have to sell, whether youíre settling an estate, selling your antiques, collectibles, farm machinery, machine shop equipment, tools, vehicles, or any other item, we can sell it for you.
     Creating a large audience of perspective buyers in an exciting atmosphere allows you to receive top dollar for your merchandise.

     If you also have real estate to sell, we can do both at the same time (saving you advertising expense). We will come out and look at what you have, give you options, and explain marketing techniques and expenses of the auction. We work on commission, which benefits both the seller and our auction company.

     Once you decide to sell at auction, it usually takes three to five weeks to advertise and have an auction at your location. To begin the process, we will come to you and make a list of your items. We will then advertise them and sell them at auction.

     We will supply you with tables, boxes, and guidance for pre-auction day setup. If you desire, we have knowledgeable staff to do the pre-auction preparation for you.

     On the day of the auction we will furnish auctioneers, clerks, cashiers, and runners.

     Give us a call and let us show you what we can do for you. Call Dave Conley at (717)-577-1886. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Auctions at Other Locations

    If it is not possible to have an onsite sale of your personal property, we can move and sell your items at an alternate location. We commonly use the John and Paige Smith Center at the York Expo Center (York Fairgrounds) in York, PA. We can pick up items at your residence or you can bring them to us.

  We offer the service of carefully packing up and hauling items from estates if you do not have the time or ability to do so. If you are capable of    packing the items yourself, we will give you advice how to get started including what things to pack, how to pack, what to throw away and what to keep. We understand that settling an estate is often a stressful, and at times, an emotional ordeal. We make every attempt to make this as pleasant an experience as possible.

  It may take several weeks before we can pick up your items. Items are usually sold within one month of pick-up. After we sell your items, y   ou will get an itemized list of the things we sold for you and a check, less our expenses, usually within 10 days of selling your items.

     Rentzel's will advertise your items in places such as newspapers, periodicals, colorful flyers and on the internet using,, and our Facebook page to meet the promotional needs of the merchandise we will be selling. We set up and display your items and market them specifically to the clientele that would buy your unique items. Preview of off-site auctions is usually one hour prior to the auction. Occasionally there may be an evening preview the night before. Watch flyers or check our website for details and more information.

    If interested in having us come and look at what you have to sell contact us at or:

     717-577-1886 or email at:

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